Technical Characteristics

Counting and conference of 500 cards in 1 second. It is possible to make two counts and two conferences and 2.5 seconds.
Equipment Weight: 17 kg

Card count: Overlay, Mifare, GSM and others

Accumulated function This function allows the user to identify the numbers of cards accumulated during a given process.

Preset function This function allows to accumulate the card count. Example: by selecting a given number of cards in the preset function, at the end of the counting process, it will be rebooted, allowing the sum of all previously counted cards.

Calibration error message. This function allows you to accumulate the card count. Ex: If you are counting 500 cards, select the preset function 500 and so every time the machine counts 500 cards will be accumulated. Any other value you count, and not the desired value in the preset the machine will not accumulate.

Two counting sensors developed by IGS. This solution allows us to monitor the changes that occur in the card market, if a new card arises and do not count on any equipment we have the possibility to modify the sensor, according to the customer's need.

External display allows the user to view in various angles using a display of 7 red segments (similar clock radio) in size of 2.5 cm x 4.0 cm per number. It will only show the correct count in the display.

Graphic Display the display contains the size of 14 cm by 7 cm, where the counter has a better visualization of the count.

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